empowering young people
to have hope for their future

FUTUREhope is a free, confidential service working holistically with young people aged 11-19 across Hertford and Ware.

Our primary goal is to empower young people to have hope for their future and reach their full potential through our four key areas of work.

  • Outreach - Our mobile youth centre and purposeful detached work. Aiming to meet young people where they are at.

  • Education - Working with schools (assemblies and tutor sessions) and through delivery of a range of small group work activities.

  • Support - Provision of one-to-one work (long term relationships) through mentoring and counselling; and by providing support to parents.

  • Developing - 'our own' through building up our volunteers, ensuring they are equipped and supported in their work and 'others' through supporting like-minded agencies who want to develop similar services.

If you would like to learn more about our work, then please explore the website or get in touch with us at the office.
FUTUREhopes Values

FUTUREhope believes that every person is a valuable individual and should be treated with respect regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, belief, or ability.

We believe that every young person should have access to free and/or affordable help to help them grow and establish healthy relationships, and on occasion help in overcoming crises.

We believe that every young person has the right to freedom of choice and therefore has the right to be involved in the decision making process about the programme of help that is offered by FUTUREhope.

FUTUREhope is governed by a management board and is registered charity as part of the Hertford Community Church Trust (Charity Number: 1082292).
Thanks for all your help - you have really supported me, I don't know what I would have done without you.

18 year old homeless girl

We have a small team of employed qualified staff and rely heavily on volunteers and sessional youth workers. All our volunteers are trained by us and all our team are DBS checked. Our volunteers are involved in all aspects of our work and we are truly thankful for all the hours they give.

Tim Simmonds

Youth Work Co-ordinator

Tim has been on the FUTUREhope team since 2010. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of FUTUREhope. So you probably might see him around Hertford and Ware.

Jane Ring

Sessional Worker

Jane has been volunteering for years and more recently been on our team as one of our sessional workers. Jane is involved in all of our work but recently she has led our work with Parents.

Jess Hartwig

Relationship manager

Jess is responisble for keeping all of our supporters, local churches and buisness up-to-date with the FUTUREhope news. She also volunteers on the bus and mentors a young person.

This group has been really helpful, I now have 2 friends I can trust and get support from.

13 year old girl



Each young person is matched and paired with a mentor for support and encouragement.

We use a variety of tools in mentoring to cover topics like anger or money management through to strategies for coping in school/at home.

Over the course of the year our mentors build a strong relationship with their young person. Meetings take place in coffee shops, parks or our office with full parental or school consent.

Parent Support

We have come to realise that as great as our work is with young people we need to offer some form of support to parents – we are happy to meet with parents and discuss a variety of topics in the hope to help them and their family.



We work in schools providing up-to-date and relevant drug/alcohol education to all years of students, including assemblies and tutor group sessions.


We offer a range of different group work sessions covering Anger Management, Money Management, Self Esteem, Drugs/Alcohol Education with a Skills Workshop (Circus Skills, Dancing and DJing), Smoking Cessastion and many more. We run the groups when we have a group of people wanting to do them! To find out our next batch of group work then please get in touch.


Mobile Youth Centre

We take our mobile youth centre out every Friday night in term time to Hartham Common, Hertford between 9pm-11pm.

We serve hot drinks/biscuits, have a games console and alcohol/drug information. Our team get into great conversations with young people that sometimes leads them into accessing our wider work.

We run summer bus in the holidays and maintain a presence at community events. More recently we have taken it into local schools in lunch time.


We occasionally go out and walk around Hertford and Ware in detached work - touching base with young people we haven't seen for a while or meeting new young people and letting them know about FUTUREhope and the support we offer.



We offer training around drug and alcohol misuse and other relevant areas within the youth worker field.


We are also currently working on building up a resource library to support all our workers and volunteers. We are more than happy to share with other like-minded charities/organisations that work with young people.
Tim is easy to speak to he understands your feelings. I didn't understand how much this could change me as a person.

13 year old boy

Our funding comes from a variety of places. We have reveived grants from Herts Police Authority Initiatives Fund, the Anchor Foundation, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Hertford Youth Together and Waitrose, as well as from many local churches in Hertford & Ware. Most years we also hold a fundraising event and we are also supported either on a monthly basis or with one-off donations by lots of individuals.

Periodically we hold fundraising events such as ‘Promises and Puddings’, Christmas Wreath Making and a gala style event to launch our film ‘Journey’.

These are the ways you can help us …

Regular Giving

You can support us through regular donations by filling in a standing order form. Please download, complete and send it to the office. Anything from £5 to £500 means that we can plan ahead as we know what we have in the pot!

One-off donation

You can give us a one-off donation. You can simply send us a cheque made payable to 'FUTUREhope' to the office or head over to EveryClick to donate online.
Giving us Stuff!

Once in a while we need items/resources for the office or the bus.

We currently need:

  • Reems of printer paper
  • Hot chocolate powder

All our volunteer mentors and youth workers on the bus are drawn from local churches. If you attend a local church and are interested in being a mentor or supporting our bus work, please get in touch.
Before you started helping my daughter with FUTUREhope she was about as far away from me as she could possibly be.


If you want to know more or get some support then please get in touch on either our email or mobile.

07531 875124

Feel free to pop into our office (however we do recommand giving us a ring first!)

Second Floor
5 Parliament Square
SG14 1EX

...or come and see us at the Bus, every Friday night (8-10) in term time in either Hertford or Ware.
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